Light/Dark – having a light routine can help little babies – dark at night, light during the day.

  • Moving shadows, especially under a tree.
  • Following a torch with their eyes.  See Torch Chasey!
  • Moving shadows using a torch (this can be a lifesaver on night car trips.  Always keep a torch in the car)
  • Chasing a shadow for a mobile baby. 
  • Chasing a spot of light around the floor.
  • Crystals or dream catchers.


  • Little babies see black and white patterns best.
  • Red, then bold colours of blue and green develop next.
  • Pastels are the last colours to be seen.
  • Mobiles can be made from straws or pipecleaners.


  • Tie ribbons or shoelaces onto a handle (spoon, ruler, …) and move them around.
  • Have a string across the room and dangle things off it – keys, spools, teething rings, …
  • Watching birds or ants will fascinate older babies.
  • Watching streams carry leaves or drips off plants.  See Jumping in puddles.

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