Posted by: Deb | June 13, 2009

Website Review: CSIRO

The Commonwealth Science and Industrial Research Organisation is Australia’s national science research facility.  The have partnerships and work in agriculture, mining, environmental and health sciences among others.  The home page is quite clear with different sections easy to find.  Overall the site is easy to navigate, it has small pages with lots of links so you don’t have to wade through things looking for what you are after. 

Parents might be interested in the Healthy Weight and Wellbeing for Children section, it has guidelines based on evidence and practical advice like serve sizes, cooking and shopping tips and suggested meals.  There are also lots of external links on eating and exercise.

From the homepage there is a Kids & Teachers section.  CSIRO offers lots of resources for teachers and homeschoolers including school visits, education centres, and a couple of science clubs for kids of different ages.  There is also do-it-yourself science, quick experiments that can be done at home.  They are divided by subject area and there are games and links sections.

Even better, they have a free weekly Science by Email service.  I have to admit to nostalgia here, I received it for many years and it is what gave me the inspiration for this site.  It is aimed mainly at parents and teachers and the activities can be used for students in both primary and secondary school. 

I love this site.  CSIRO is a great science organisation and they have put a lot of effort into making science accessible and attractive to parents and kids.


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