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Our modern society is based on science.  The environment, stem cell technology and genetically modified foods are some of the issues we are facing.  And then there are the everyday challenges such as computers, shopping and health.  A greater understanding of science makes these decisions easier.

Science is not a collection of facts.  It will not give you the correct answers to ethical questions, or even simple questions.  Science is a way of investigating, a way of learning about the world. 

To be successful in science requires critical thinking skills, the ability to evaluate.  These skills are incredibly important in the new information age.  So much of our lives is now based on sharing and manipulating information, the internet has changed the way we learn and interact.  There is now far more information available but many of the controls on quality have weakened or disappeared.  We, and especially our children, now have to evaluate it for ourselves.  As an educator, I believe critical literacy and being able to judge the reliability and credibility of information are some of the most important skills we can give our children.  Science can help develop these skills in a fun way.

Most small children are natural scientists, but somehow as we grow instead of refining and tightening those skills they are often lost, until we have teenagers and adults who don’t understand and mistrust science. 

This site is to help parents understand how simple science really is, and help them join their children on their scientific journeys through the day.  There are suggested activities to do with babies through to school children that you can use if you are just stuck for an idea of what to do today, or help older children with school. 

This is the very beginning of the site, I have great plans to expand!  To help me, please sign up as a subscriber.  It’s free and you get access to the newsletter and (when I write them) extra pages.  I will also be asking subscribers to tell me what support and information they want, so they will set the direction for the site.

Together we can teach the world!


  1. What a fantastic idea. My kids love learning about scientific things – conducting experiments, exploring, researching etc.

    I’ve bookmarked your site and will subscribe to the newsletter.

    • Thanks Susan! I’m actually in the process of switching to a new domain, I’ll be sure to put lots of notices. Nice to know I’m not the only one whose kids are constantly doing this stuff 🙂

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